Friday, August 12, 2011

Cascade step 05

Step 5: Color studies

In general, if your image works in grayscale, it should have no problem working in color.  I was pretty happy with the black and white version, but getting a palette I'm happy with usually takes a few tries, so I wanted to do a few quick tests first.

These were basically done with 'Overlay' and 'Color' layers on top on the image, with some Adjustment Layers here and there.  I wanted the Sun to be low, not quite sunset, but getting there, and the colors needed to reflect that.  There were things I liked about each of them, and in the end I came up with a concoction of all 3.

As I got into it, the image became darker overall and I reworked part of the sky into something that felt more appropriate.  Now I had a much better idea of the lighting which would help for building a model in the next step.


  1. I like how you settled on the delicious warm/cool color palette. Your values work very well and the color is making it that much more eye candy. The waterfall into the hole in the background is becoming more and more eye-catching, too.

  2. Thanks, Kessie. You're always very kind.

  3. I love the linear quality. Can't wait to see it finished!