Monday, August 22, 2011

Cascade step 07

Step 07:  Drawing

It's finally time to take it to the canvas!  Or in this case... gessoed masonite.

Being the extraordinarily inefficient mess that I am, I decided to grid off my board (36x24 inches) and redraw the entire thing by sight rather than finding a way of just tracing/transferring my digital rough.

In truth, there were some areas of the dragon and rocks that I had been planning to redraw the whole time, so for the moment that approach seemed to make sense.  Was it worth it in the end..?  Eh, probably not; but after redrawing the head and feet 80 times each I did manage to end up with a drawing I was pleased with.

Please forgive the crappy photo:


  1. I've heard that people use projectors and lightboxes for this sort of thing, but I never had the equipment to make it work. I always just did what you're doing and freehanded it. :-D

    Looks good, though! I can't wait to see the painting process. I'm assuming you're using oils, right? (Seeing as everyone I read sneers at acrylic ...)

  2. I'll be underpainting with acrylic and then finishing with oils. There's nothing wrong with acrylics, but they do perform differently than oils. Personally I find that oils take a little more work, but the way the paint sits on the canvas when it's finished just looks like a higher quality.